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Remote Workforce Management




Empowering seamless collaboration, productivity, and growth.

Communication and Collaboration

Bridge the remote work and in-office gap for faster, more efficient and better outcomes.


Unleash the potential of your team with enhanced remote supervision capabilities.

Employee Well-being

Address boundaries, prevent burnout, support mental health, foster balance.

Management and Supervision

Seamless feedback loop to track performance, excel in remote management.

Security and Privacy

Simplifying the process for companies to assess and measure employee performance in a remote setting.

Maintaining Company Culture

Foster remote company culture through meaningful online interactions and virtual team bonding.

Your Office Can Be Anywhere

You Can Be Anywhere Too

Every Meeting Is More Engaging and Productive.

Experience the perfect blend of awe-inspiring surroundings, unwavering security measures, and a nurturing company culture.

Leeward Offices

Leeward Offices

  • Collaberation
  • Different spaces
  • more words to say why to work like this


Leeward Gateway

Leeward Gateway

  • Providing Zero Trust Network Access
  • Bringin back the wall garden
  • more stuff about why this is cool


Leeward AI

Leeward AI

  • VirtualTourGuide
  • VirtualReceptionist
  • Training Simulation Narrator


Take Your Team's Productivity To New Heights.




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